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Bike Frame Materials

Knowing Bike Frame Materials

By Helson Su

Bike Frame Materials

Sometimes we buy a bike without knowing about bike frame materials. We just know that the higher the price the better quality we got. The statement is almost right but I think we need to know the bike material. Every material has it own strength, so we need the right frame for the riding condition. Here the list of bike frame material :

Hi-ten Steel

This frame is cheap and we can get it easily. It is usually use for daily bike and amateur sport bike. This frame can be corrosive and the weld joints is small.


This material is light weight and is not cheap. This material is more light weight than hi-ten steel and corrosive resistant. The ratio is about 1:3 for aluminium. The based color of this frame is grey silver.


This material is more expensive but it is light weight and more strength than aluminium frame. This frame cannot be corrosive.The based color is grey silver.


This material is common use in bike. It is always combine with aluminium or other material. The highest of carbon value make the frame stronger. The base color is grey black.


The elite material and the high cost one is titanium. It character is light weight, strong and corrosive resistant. The weld joint is good.

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