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How To Clean Bike Chain

How To Clean Bike Chain

By Helson Su

How To Clean Bike Chain

Clean bike chain is easy if we know how to clean it. But if we do not know how to clean it, it become so difficult. But no doubt about it, I will share how to clean bike chain in this article. Chain is one of the most important thing in bike drive train. Sometimes we hearĀ  chain sound when we are riding. It can be happened because the chain is dirty or dry. Do not let it in a long time because it will break your chain one day. So what must we do to keep our chain ? here the short tips below :

  1. spray the chain and sprocket with the chain cleaner to make it clean from dust, sand, mud and old lubrication. After 3 minutes, you can spray it with clean water, then you brush it until it really clean. After it you dry it with cloth.
  2. The last step is spray the chain with chain lubrication. Use the best chain lubrication to protect your chain

Only two step, is it look easy? I think it is easy to do.

I also have anotherĀ  tips which more simple than the first tips, here they are :

  1. Release the chain with chain cutter
  2. Put the chain into plastic container then you fill it with gasoline. Shake it until the chain become clean. For most faster, you can brush it. You also can do it with bike sprocket.
  3. Get it out and then you dry it with dry cloth
  4. Installing the chain
  5. The last step is do not forget to lubricate it with chain lubrication.

Here my short tips about How To Clean Bike Chain. Read also other bikes review on How To Clean Mountain Bike, Mongoose Men’s Melee Bicycle (Root Beer) and DK Siklon 2011 BMX Bike.

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